Address: 7, S. J. S. Sansanwal Marg, New Delhi - 110016. [Directions]

Fax: 91-11-41493981

Prefix country code (91) and STD code (11) as necessary. Dial only the last three digits when calling from a campus phone (for numbers starting with 41493).


Reception / General Information41493998
Admission / Examination queries41493985
Training Programmes (Six Sigma Green Belt, etc.)41493968

Office bearers

Director (when in Delhi)41493917
115Professor Abhay G. Bhatt-Head, Delhi Centre41493915, 26961384(Telefax)
114Ms. Simmi Marwah (PA to Head), Delhi Centre41493900
Admn. BlockStudent's Academic Affairs Office41493985
121Head, Stat. Math Unit41493921
215Head, Economics & Planning Unit41493938
318Head, S.Q.C & O.R. Unit41493966
310Warden, ISI Hostel41493958

Faculty members

Planning unit [More information]

201Abiroop Mukhopadhyay41493925 abhiroop
202Visitor's Room41493926
204Visitor's Room41493928
205Visitor's Room41493929
206Prabal Roy Chowdhury41493930 prabalrc
209Farzana Afridi41493933 fafridi
211Visitor's Room41493935
212Monisankar Bishnu41493936 mbishnu
214Chetan Ghate41493938 cghate
215E. Somanathan41493939 som
217Tridip Ray41493941 tridip
218Ms. Deepmala-EPU Office41493942 pu
221Arunava Sen41493945 asen
222Visitor's Room41493946
223Bharat Ramaswami41493947 bharat
224Debasis Mishra41493948 dmishra
301Visitor's Room41493949
302Visitor's Room41493950
307Visitor's Room41493955
321Visitor's Room41493969
322Sh. P. C. Pandey41493970
PPRU LabSh. Athisii41493973

Statistical Quality Control and Operations Research unit [More information]

305Seminar Room41493953
306Conference Room41493954
309Visitor's Room41493957
311Visitor's Room41493959
315Visitor's Room41493963
316Visitor's Room41493964
317Visitor's Room41493965
318S. K. Neogy41493966 skn
319Rina Chakraborty41493967 rina
320/114SQC Unit Office Praveen Pandey 41493968 sqc
323Visitor's Room41493971
324Visitor's Room41493972

Theoretical Statistics and Mathematics unit [More information]

101Mr. Imran Ahmed-SMU Office41493901 statmath
104Director's Room (when in station)41493904
105Rahul Roy41493905 rahul
116Tanvi Jain41493916
118Visitor's Room41493918
119Maneesh Thakur41493919 maneesh
120Arindam Chatterjee41493920 cha
121Arup Pal41493921 arup
122Visitor's Room41493922
123K. R. Parthasarthy41493923 krp
124Visitor's Room41493924
203A. G. Bhatt41493927 abhay
207Swagata Nandi41493931 nandi
208Antar Bandyopadhyay41493932 antar
210R. B. Bapat41493934 rbb
213Deepayan Sarkar41493937 deepayan
216Visitor's Room41493940
219Rajendra Bhatia41493943 rbh
220Isha Dewan41493944 isha
310Shanta Laishram41493958 shanta
312Visitor's Room41493960
313Visitor's Room41493961
314Anish Sarkar41493962 anish

Computer Centre

103Computer Centre41493903 ccsupport
106Server Room41493906
109Rajesh Sharma 41493909

Administrative staff

Mr. Kaisar AlamO.S.D.41493980
Mrs. Raj RaniHindi Translator41493981
Mr. SreejithOffice Assistant 'A'-PU, OSD's Office, Overtime41493981
Admn. FAX 41493981
Mr. Mahender SinghS.O.-Estate, Purchase, Legal, Receipts & Despatch, Transport, Tours and Travels41493996
Ms. Simmi MarwahS.O.-Purchase and Over Time41493900
Mr. AmardeepOffice Assistant 'A'-Transport, Tours & Travels, Reception41493902/41493998
Mr. Imran AhmedOffice Assistant 'A'- Telephone, Canteen & Statmath unit41493901
Ms. DeepmalaOffice Assistant 'A'- Medical41493942
Mr. Anil KumarOffice Assistant 'A'- Stores, Housekeeping, estate, Seminar & conf. Room, Receipts & Desp.41493901
Mr. Anil K. ShuklaS.O.-Academic Affairs, Guest House & ISEC 41493985 acadaff (for Academic Affiars) & guesthdelhi (for Guest House)
Mr. Praveen PandeyOffice Assistant 'B'-SQC Unit, Conf. Co-ordinator & Assisting in Student Academic Affairs41493968
Mr. Udai Bhanu KandaIn-charge (Library)41493975 ubk
Mr. Viju Gulabrao ChavanEngineer (Civil)41493974 civilengr
Mr. Prabhu PEngineering Asstt. (Electrical)41493977 prabhu
Ms. Darshana BhatiaA. O.-Medical, Stores, Canteen & Telephone, Asset Management41493987 darshana
Mr. S. A. SrinivasA. O.-PU, LTC and Legal41493983 srinivas
Mr. R. C. SharmaSecurity Officer, Housekeeping & Horticulture booking of Seminar & Conf. Room41493982 sharmarc
Mr. Ashish SharmaGuest House Manager41493912 guesthdelhi
Mr. Pratap RawatRecord Attendant 'A'- Assisting Guesthouse, Stores, Conf. Seminar Room & Receipts & Despatch41493981

Accounts Section

Mr. Sujan DuttaAccounts Officer41493989
Mr. Parama GogoiAccounts Officer41493988
Mr. Lalan Kumar SinghOffice Assistant 'C'41493988
Mr. S. SubramanianOffice Assistant 'C'41493988
Mr. Umed SinghOffice Assistant 'B'41493988
Mr. Dinesh KumarOffice Assistant 'A'41493988
Mr. Ramesh KumarRecord Attendant 'A'41493988


Accounts Section41493988
First floor of Administration Building41493990
PPRU Lab41493973
ISI Hostel41493992
Main Gate41493995
Guest House Dining Hall41493912

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