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  • Social Audits and MGNREGA delivery: Lessons from Andhra Pradesh, with Vegard Iversen, forthcoming, Brookings-NCAER India Policy Forum (eds. Barry Bosworth, Arvind Panagariya and Shekhar Shah). [Download].

  • Social Identity and Inequality: The Impact of China's Hukou System, with Sherry Xin Li and Yufei Ren, IZA Discussion Paper 6417. revise and resubmit [Download].

  • Female Labour Force Participation and Child Education in India: Evidence from the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme, with Abhiroop Mukhopadhyay and Soham Sahoo, new version [Download].

  • Women Political Leaders, Corruption and Learning: Evidence from a Large Public Program in India, with Vegard Iversen and M.R. Sharan, International Growth Center Working Paper. [Download].

  • The Role of Design in School Subsidy Programs: Evidence from Mid-day Meals in India, with Bidisha Barooah and Rohini Somanathan, in revision .


  • The Impact of School Meals on Student Participation in Rural India, Journal of Development Studies (Special Section on Impact Evaluation), 47(11): 1636-1656, November 2011. [Download].

  • Child Welfare Programs and Child Nutrition: Evidence from a Mandated School Meal Program, Journal of Development Economics,92(2):152-165, July 2010. [Download].

  • Women's Empowerment and the Goal of Parity Between the Sexes in Schooling in India, Population Studies,64(2): 131-145, July 2010. [Download].

  • Can Community Monitoring Improve the Accountability of Public Officials?, Economic and Political Weekly,Vol. 43 (42), 2008.
  • Mid Day Meals in Two States: Comparing the Financial and Institutional Organization of the Program, Economic and Political Weekly,Vol. XL (15), 2005.
  • Who Benefits from Public Sector Health Spending? Results of a Benefit Incidence Analysis for India, with Ajay Mahal, Janmejay Singh, Vikram Lamba, V. Selvaraju and Anil Gumber,National Council of Applied Economic Research

  • We,the monitors, Op-ed, Indian Express, 30 July 2013. [Download].

  • Does political reservation for women improve programme delivery?, Ideas for India, 17 January 2013. [Download].

  • Food for thought: On the design of school subsidy programmes, Ideas for India, 06 August 2012. [Download].


  • Midday meals for schoolchildren in India: More good than harm, The Economist,20 July 2013. [Download].

  • Interview-India at LSE, IGC-LSE, 07 November 2012. [Download].

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