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Anish Sarkar
Associate Professor,
Stat-Math Unit,
Theoretical Statistics & Mathematics Division,
Indian Statistical Institute,
Delhi Centre.
Contact Information :
Mailing Address : 7 S. J. S. Sansanwal Marg,
  New Delhi - 110016,
E - Mail : anish (at) isid (dot) ac (dot) in,
  anish.sarkar (at) gmail (dot) com
Phone : +91 - 11 - 41493962 (office)
"I think you're begging the question," said Haydock, "and I can see looming ahead one of those terrible exercises in probability where six men have white hats and six men have black hats and you have to work it out by mathematics how likely it is that the hats will get mixed up and in what proportion. If you start thinking about things like that, you would go round the bend. Let me assure you of that!" -- Christie, Agatha (in The Mirror Crack'd. )