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Probability Theory III

B. Stat. IInd Year

Academic Year 2020 - 2021: Semester I

Instructor: Antar Bandyopadhyay
Email: antar (at) isid (dot) ac (dot) in

Teaching Assistant (TA): Partha Pratim Ghosh
Email: p (dot) pratim (dot) 10 (dot) 93 (at) gmail (dot) com

Weekly Class Time:

Lecture Hall: Online Google Classroom and online class via Zoom Meetings

Course Duration (including examinations): September 14 - January 08, 2021
[Total of 17 Weeks = 14 Weeks of Classes + 1 week of Study Leave + 2 weeks of Final Examination Weeks].

Midterm Examination: WAIVED due to the pandemic!

Final Examination:
Date: January 04, 2021
Time: 02:30 PM - 06:30 PM (including the time for uploading the scanned answer sheets)
Venue: Online Google Classroom and Zoom Meeting

Course Outline:


Grading Policy:

Assignment Policies:

Exam Policies:

Regrading Policy:

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