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Here is a list of courses I have given here over the last few years. In some cases, I have been disciplined enough to type out the notes. Others are still in a handwritten form. If and when I manage to type them, they will be put on this page.
  • Complex analysis, The course I am teaching this semester (January--May, 2005).
  • Real analysis, First course in real analysis, found e.g. in Apostol or Rudin. Here is the set of notes that I use for this course. There is a very extensive and excellent set of notes by Terence Tao that is very well-suited for a course like this.
  • Algebraic Topology, this was a followup of the course below. Covered a bit of homotopy theory, did some computations of simplicial homology and completed the proof of the classification theorem for compact surfaces.
    The notes will appear here sometime soon.
  • Topology, I taught this course for the M. Stat. second year during July-Nov, '03. After covering standard material on general topology in the first half of the course, I spent some time on quotient spaces, manifolds and covered part of the proof of the classification theorem for compact surfaces. Here are the notes. (I drew plenty of help from the notes by Neil Strickland available on his webpage, and from a book by Oleg Viro et al, which also is available on the net).
  • Algebra, Here is the skeleton.
  • C*-algebras, A set of 14 lectures, that I hope to TeX some day and put on this page.
  • Basic differential geometry, meant to be a (very) quick and brief introduction for people from other areas without going into too much technicality or details.[ps]
  • Clifford algebras, based on a series of seminars, and mainly following the relevant chapter in Lawson/Michelson's Spin Geometry, providing more details and computations.[ps]
  • Topological groups,
  • Fourier analysis and complex measures

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