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2018 Discussion Papers

18-08: Optimal Intergenerational Transfers: Public Education and Pensions.

  • Authors: Monisankar Bishnu, Shresth Garg, Tishara Garg and Tridip Ray.
  • dp18-08
  • Date:August 2018.

18-07: Employment Targeting in a Frictional Labor Market.

  • Authors: Chetan Ghate and Debojyoti Mazumder.
  • dp18-07
  • Date: May 2018.

18-06: Pareto efficient combinatorial auctions:dichotomous preferences without quasilinearity.

  • Authors: Komal Malik and Debasis Mishra.
  • dp18-06
  • Date: May 2018.

18-05: Fiscal Austerity in Emerging Market Economies.

  • Authors: Chetan Dave, Chetan Ghate, Pawan Gopalakrishnan and Suchismita Tarafdar.
  • dp18-05
  • Date: May 2018.

18-04: Public-private Partnerships, Commitment and X-Inefficiency.

  • Authors: Indrani Roy Chowdhury and Prabal Roy Chowdhury.
  • dp18-04
  • Date: April 2018.

18-03: Selling to a naive agent with two rationales.

  • Authors: Debasis Mishra and Kolagani Paramahamsa.
  • dp18-03
  • Date: March 2018.

18-02: A Monetary Business Cycle Model for India.

  • Authors: Shesadri Banerjee, Parantap Basu, Chetan Ghate,Pawan Gopalakrishnan and Sargam Gupta.
  • dp18-02
  • Date: March 2018.

18-01: Inter-Regional Coal Mine Competition in the US: Evidence from Rail Restrictions.

  • Authors: Kanishka Kacker.
  • dp18-01
  • Date: January 2018.


2017 Discussion Papers

17-06: The Impact of Credit Shocks: Micro versus Small Firms.

  • Authors: Megha Patnaik,
  • dp17-06
  • Date: October 2017.

17-05: Whose Education Matters? An Analysis Of Inter Caste Marriages In India.

  • Authors: Tridip Ray, Arka Roy Chaudhuri and  Komal Sahai
  • dp17-05
  • Date: September 2017.

17-04: Mechanism design without quasilinearity.

  • Authors: Tomoya Kazumura, Debasis Mishra, and Shigehiro Serizawa
  • dp17-04
  • Date: June 2017.

17-03: Strategy-proof multi-object auction design: Ex-post revenue maximization with no wastage.

  • Authors: Tomoya Kazumura, Debasis Mishra, and Shigehiro Serizawa
  • dp17-03
  • Date: May 2017.

17-02: Evolution of Mehr and Dowry among Muslims in Bangladesh:Evidence from Natural Experiments.

  • Authors: Shyamal Chowdhury, Debdulal Mallick, Prabal Roy Chowdhury
  • dp17-02
  • Date: February 2017.

17-01: The distributional impact of climate change: Why food prices matter..

  • Authors: Eshita Gupta, Bharat Ramaswami and E. Somanathan
  • dp17-01
  • Date: January 2017.


2016 Discussion Papers

16-08: Redistributing Teachers using Local Transfers.

  • Authors: Siddhant Agarwal, Athisii Kayina, Abhiroop Mukhopadhyay and Anugula Reddy
  • dp16-08
  • Date: September 2016.

16-07: Political Economy of Land Acquisition and Holdout.

  • Authors: Sreeparna Saha, Prabal Roy Chowdhury, Jaideep Roy and Prasad Bhattacharya.
  • dp16-07
  • Date: August 2016.

16-06: Gradualism in Aid & Reforms.

  • Authors: Parimal Kanti Bag and Prabal Roy Chowdhury.
  • dp16-06
  • Date: March 2016.

16-05: Optimal Inheritance Tax under Temptation.

  • Authors: Monisankar Bishnu, Cagri S. Kumru and Arm Nakornthab.
  • dp16-05
  • Date: June 2016.

16-04: Terms of Trade Shocks and Monetary Policy in India.

  • Authors: Chetan Ghate, Sargam Gupta and Debdulal Mallick.
  • dp16-04
  • Date: May 2016.

16-03: Balanced Ranking Mechanisms.

  • Authors: Debasis Mishra and Tridib Sharma.
  • dp16-03
  • Date: April 2016.

16-02: Ordinal Bayesian Incentive Compatibility in Restricted Domains.

  • Authors: Debasis Mishra.
  • dp16-02.
  • Date: February 2016.

16-01: Local Incentive Compatibility with Transfers.

  • Authors: Debasis Mishra, Anup Pramanik, and Souvik Roy.
  • dp16-01.
  • Date: January 2016.


2015 Discussion Papers

15-07: International Trade and Risk Sharing in the Global Rice
Market: The Impact of Foreign and Domestic Supply Shocks.

  • Authors: Shikha Jha, Kensuke Kubo and Bharat Ramaswami.
  • dp15-07.
  • Date: October 2015.

15-06: Affirmative Action in the Presence of a Creamy Layer..

  • Authors: Brishti Guha and Prabal Roy Chowdhury.
  • dp15-06.
  • Date: November 2015.

15-05: Conflict and Development.

  • Authors: Dushyant Kumar and Prabal Roy Chowdhury.
  • dp15-05.
  • Date: November 2015.

15-04: Power Analysis and Sample Sizes: A Binding Frontier Approach.

  • Authors: Subrato Banerjee.
  • dp15-04.
  • Date: August 2015.

15-03: The Impact of Temperature on Productivity and Labor
Supply: Evidence from Indian Manufacturing.

  • Authors: E. Somanathan, Rohini Somanathan, Anant Sudarshan and Meenu Tewari.
  • dp15-03.
  • Date: August 2015.

15-02: Caste, Female Labor Supply and the Gender Wage Gap in India:
Boserup Revisited.

  • Authors: Kanika Mahajan and Bharat Ramaswami.
  • dp15-02.
  • Date: May 2015.

15-01: Gradualism in Aid & Reforms.

  • Authors: Parimal Kanti Bag and Prabal Roy Chowdhury.
  • dp15-01.
  • Date: January 2015.


2014 Discussion Papers

14-12: Affine Maximizers in Domains with Selfish Valuations.

  • Authors: Swaprava Nath and Arunava Sen.
  • dp14-12.
  • Date: December 2014.

14-11: Fiscal Policy in an Emerging Market Business Cycle Model.

  • Authors: Chetan Ghate, Pawan Gopalakrishnan, Suchismita Tarafdar.
  • dp14-11.
  • Date: December 2014.

14-09: A Foundation for Dominant Strategy Voting Mechanisms.

  • Authors: Debasis Mishra.
  • [dp14-09].
  • Date: October 2014.

14-08: The Impact of Development on the Climate Sensitivity
of Electricity Demand in India

  • Authors: Eshita Gupta.
  • [Download].
  • Date: August 2014.

14-07: Sequential lending with dynamic joint liability in micro-finance

  • Authors: Shyamal Chowdhury,Prabal Roy Chowdhury and Kunal Sengupta.
  • [Download].
  • Date: August 2014.

14-06: Repayment in microfinance: The role of financial literacy and caste

  • Authors: Rashmi Baura and Renuka Sane.
  • [Download].
  • Date: May 2014.

14-05: The Effect of Development on the Climate Sensitivity of Electricity Demand in India

  • Authors: Eshita Gupta.
  • [Download].
  • Date: May 2014.

14-04: Public and Private Expenditures on Human Capital: Accumulation in India

  • Authors: Chetan Ghate, Gerhard Glomm, and John T. Stone.
  • [Download].
  • Date: April 2014.

14-03: Does discrimination drive gender differences in health expenditure on adults: Evidence from Cancer patients in rural India.

  • Authors: Akansha Batra,Indrani Gupta and Abhiroop Mukhopadhyay.
  • [Download].
  • Date: January 2014.

14-02: Social audits and MGNREGA delivery: Lessons from Andhra Pradesh.

  • Authors: Farzana Afridi, and Vegard Iversen.
  • [Download].
  • Date: January 2014.

14-01: Implementation with Contingent Contracts

  • Authors: Rahul Deb and Debasis Mishra
  • [Download].
  • Date: January 2014.


2013 Discussion Papers

13-08: The Political Intergenerational Welfare State: A Unified Framework.

  • Authors: Monisankar Bishnu, and Min Wang.
  • [Download].
  • Date: May 2013.

13-07: Implementation in Multidimensional Domains with Ordinal Restrictions.

  • Authors: Debasis Mishra, Anup Pramanik, and Souvik Roy.
  • [Download].
  • Date: May 2013.

13-06: Growth, Geography, and the Iron Law: Understanding Divergence Across Indian Districts.

  • Authors: Samarjit Das, Chetan Ghate and Peter E. Robertson.
  • [Download].
  • Date: May 2013.

13-05: Implementation with Securities

  • Authors: Rahul Deb and Debasis Mishra.
  • [Download].
  • Date: April 2013.

13-04: Factor Income Taxation, Growth, and Investment Specific Technological Change

  • Authors: Monisankar Bishnu, Chetan Ghate, & Pawan Gopalakrishnan.
  • [Download].
  • Date: January 2013.

13-03: Female Labor Force Participation and Child Education in India: The E ect of the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme

  • Authors: Farzana Afridi, Abhiroop Mukhopadhyay & Soham Sahoo.
  • [Download].
  • Date: January 2013.

13-02: Women Political Leaders, Corruption and Learning: Evidence from a Large Public Program in India

  • Authors: Farzana Afridi, Vegard Iversen & M.R. Sharan.
  • [Download].
  • Date: January 2013.

13-01: The Informational and Signaling Impacts of Labels: Experimental Evidence from India on GM Foods

  • Authors: Bharat Ramaswami, Sangeeta Bansal & Sujoy Chakravarty
  • [Download].
  • Date: January 2013.


2012 Discussion Papers

12-07: Sectoral Infrastructure Investment In An Unbalanced Growing Economy: The Case Of India*

  • Authors: Chetan Ghate, Gerhard Glomm, and Jialu Liu.
  • [Download].
  • Date: October 2012.

12-06: Deterministic Single Object Auctions with Private Values

  • Authors: Debasis Mishra and Abdul Quadir.
  • [Download].
  • Date: September 2012.

12-05: Mechanism Design with Two Alternatives in Quasi-Linear Environments

  • Authors: Thierry Marchant and Debasis Mishra.
  • [Download].
  • Date: September 2012.

12-04: Are Embankments a Good Flood-Control Strategy? A Case Study of the Kosi River

  • Authors: E. Somanathan.
  • [Download].
  • Date: July 2012.

12-03: Voting under Temptation

  • Authors: Monisankar Bishnu and Min Wang.
  • [Download].
  • Date: January 2012.

12-02: Global Warming and Electricity Demand in the Rapidly Growing City of Delhi: a Semi-Parametric Variable Coefficient Approach

  • Authors: Eshita Gupta.
  • [Download].
  • Date: February 2012.

12-01: Micro-finance Competition: Motivated Micro-lenders, Double-dipping and Default

  • Authors: Prabal Roy Chowdhury and Brishti Guha.
  • [Download].
  • Date: January 2012.


2011 Discussion Papers

11-15: Implementation in Multidimensional Dichotomous Domains

  • Authors: Debasis Mishra and Souvik Roy
  • [Download].
  • Date: September 2011.

11-14: The Percolation of Public Expenditure: Food Subsidies and the Poor in India and the Philippines

  • Authors: Shikha Jha and Bharat Ramaswami
  • [Download].
  • Date: September 2011.

11-13: Economic Liberalization and Indian Economic Growth: What�s the evidence?

  • Authors: Ashkok Kotwal, Bharat Ramaswami, and Wilima Wadhwa
  • [Download].
  • Date: September 2011.

11-12: Status, Caste, and the Time Allocation of Women in Rural India

  • Authors: Mukesh Eswaran, Bharat Ramaswami, and Wilima Wadhwa
  • [Download].
  • Date: September 2011.

11-11: Agro-environmental Revolution in Punjab: Case of the Happy Seeder Technology

  • Authors: Ridhima Gupta
  • [Download].
  • Date: September 2011.

11-10: Rural Housing Quality as an Indicator of Consumption Sustainability

  • Authors: Abhiroop Mukhopadhyay and Indira Rajaraman
  • [Download].
  • Date: August 2011.

11-09: Estimating the Economic Burden of Cancer at a Tertiary Public Hospital: A Study at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences

  • Authors: Bidhu Kalyan Mohanti, Abhiroop Mukhopadhyay, Sanghamitra Das, Kuldeep Sharma, and Soumitra Dash
  • [Download].
  • Date: July 2011.

11-08: Aid in Times of Terror

  • Authors: Prabal Roy Chowdhury and Jaideep Roy
  • [Download].
  • Date: July 2011.

11-07: Inequality, Neighbourhoods and Welfare of the Poor

  • Authors: Namrata Gulati and Tridip Ray
  • [Download].
  • Date: June 2011.

11-06: Strategy-proof Partitioning

  • Authors: Debasis Mishra and Souvik Roy
  • [Download].
  • Date: June 2011.

11-05: Has India Emerged? Business Cycle Stylized Facts from a Transitioning Economy

  • Authors: Chetan Ghate, Radhika Pandey, and Ila Patnaik
  • [Download].
  • Date: May 2011.

11-04: Cash Transfers to Individuals based on Biometric Identification are Feasible and will bring Large Gains to the Economically Insecure

  • Authors: Arka Roy Chaudhuri and E. Somanathan
  • [Download].
  • Date: May 2011.

11-03: A Nonsmooth Approach to Enevelope Theorems

  • Authors: Olivier Morand, Kevin Reffett, and Suchismita Tarafdar
  • [Download].
  • Date: March 2011.

11-02: Explaining Vertical Integration in the Generic Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Authors: Kensuke Kubo.
  • [Download].
  • Date: January 2011.

11-01: Linking Consumption Externalities with Optimal Accumulation of Human and Physical Capital and Intergenerational Transfers.

  • Authors: Monisankar Bishnu.
  • [Download].
  • Date: January 2011.


2010 Discussion Papers

10-09: Climate Policy and Innovation in the Absence of Commitment

  • Authors: Ashokankur Datta and E. Somanathan
  • [Download].
  • Date: December 2010.

10-08: Mass Education or a Minority Well Educated Elite in the Process of Development: the Case of India.

  • Authors: Amparo Castello-Climent and Abhiroop Mukhopadhyay
  • [Download].
  • Date: October 2010.

10-07: The Demographics of Cooperation: Evidence from a Field Experiment in the Gori-Ganga Basin.

  • Authors: Sujoy Chakravarty, Carine Sebi, E. Somanathan, and Emmanuel Theophilus.
  • [Download].
  • Date: October 2010.

10-06: Income Inequality, Neighbourhood Effects and Product Quality.

  • Authors: Namrata Gulati and Prabal Roy Chowdhury.
  • [Download].
  • Date: August 2010.

10-05: Land Acquisition: Political Intervention, Voice and Fragmentation.

  • Authors: Prabal Roy Chowdhury.
  • [Download].
  • Date: July 2010.

10-04: Effects of Information on Environmental Quality in Developing Countries.

  • Authors: E. Somanathan.
  • [Download].
  • Date: June 2010.

10-03: Roberts’ Theorem with Neutrality: A Social Welfare Ordering Approach.

  • Authors: Debasis Mishra and Arunava Sen.
  • [Download].
  • Date: March 2010.

10-02: The Impact of School Meals on School Participation: Evidence from Rural India.

  • Authors: Farzana Afridi.
  • [Download].
  • Date: February 2010.

10-01: Caste Dominance and Economic Performance in Rural India.

  • Authors: Vegard Iversen, Adriaan Kalwij, Arjan Verschoor, and Amaresh Dubey.
  • [Download].
  • Date: February 2010.


2009 Discussion Papers

09-08: A Characterization of the Average Tree Solution for Tree Games.

  • Authors: Debasis Mishra and Dolf Talman.
  • [Download].
  • Date: December 2009.
  • Accepted in International Journal of Game Theory.

09-07: Poverty in Indian Cities during the Reforms Era.

  • Authors: S. Chandrasekhar and Abhiroop Mukhopadhyay.
  • [Download].
  • Date: December 2009.
  • Accepted in Poverty and Public Policy (Berkeley Electronic Press).

09-06: Separability and Aggregation of Equivalence Relations.

  • Authors: Dinko Dimitrov, Thierry Marchant, and Debasis Mishra.
  • [Download].
  • Date: August 2009.
  • Accepted in Economic Theory.

09-05:Does the market kill bad ideas? An institutional comparision of committees and markets in network industries

  • Authors: Prabal Roy Choudhury and Debadatta Saha.
  • [Download].
  • Date: June 2009.

09-04: Does one size fit all? An experimental test of household models in East Uganda.

  • Authors: Vegard Iversen, Cecile Jackson, Bereket Kebede, Alistair Munro, and Arjan Verschoor.
  • [Download].
  • Date: January 2009.

09-03: The Distributive Impact of Reforms in Credit Enforcement: Evidence from Indian Debt Recovery Tribunals.

  • Authors: Ulf von Lilienfeld-Toal, Dilip Mookherjee, and Sujata Visaria.
  • [Download].
  • Date: January 2009.

09-02: Bertrand Competition with Non-Rigid Capacity Constraints.

  • Authors: Prabal Roy Chowdhury.
  • [Download].
  • Date: January 2009.
  • Accepted in Economics Letters.

09-01: Job Recruitment Networks and Migration to Cities in India.

  • Authors: Vegard Iversen, Kunal Sen, Arjan Verschoor, and Amaresh Dubey.
  • [Download].
  • Date: January 2009.
  • Accepted in Journal of Development Studies.


2008 Discussion Papers

08-15: Communication Networks with Endogeneous Link Strength. By Francis Bloch and Bhaskar Dutta. [Download]

  • Accepted in Games and Economic Behavior

08-14: Electoral Goals and Center-State Transfers: A Theoretical Model and Empirical Evidence from India. By Wiji Arulampalam, Sugato Dasgupta, Amrita Dhillon, and Bhaskar Dutta. [Download]

  • Accepted in Journal of Development Economics

08-13: Local Network Externalities and Market Segmentation. By A. Banerji and Bhaskar Dutta. [Download]

08-12: Minimum Cost Arborescences. By Bhaskar Dutta and Debasis Mishra. [Download]

  • Accepted in Games and Economic Behavior

08-11: Public-private Partnerships in Microfinance: Should NGO Involvement be Restricted? By Jaideep Roy and Prabal Roy Chowdhury. [Download]

08-10: Multi-person Bargaining with Complementarity: Is There Holdout?. By Prabal Roy Chowdhury and Kunal Sengupta. [Download]

08-09: Is Product Boycott a Good Idea for Controlling Child Labor? A Theoretical Investigation. By Kaushik Basu and Homa Zarghamee. [Download]

08-08: Identity and Altruism: The Moral Basis of Prosperity and Oppression. By Kaushik Basu. [Download]

08-07: Characterization of the Walrasian Equilibria of the Assignment Model. By Debasis Mishra and Dolf Talman. [Download]

  • Accepted in Journal of Mathematical Economics.

08-06: The Limits of Intellectual Property Rights: Lessons from the Spread of Illegal Transgenic Seeds in India. By N. Lalitha, Carl. E. Pray and Bharat Ramaswami. [Download]

08-05: The Incidence of Fuel Taxation in India. By Ashokankur Datta. [Download]

08-04: Deterrence, Preemption and Panic: A Common-Enemy Problem of Terrorism. By Satya P. Das and Prabal Roy Chowdhury. [Download]

08-03: The “V-Factor”: Distribution, Timing and Correlates of the the Great Indian Growth Turnaround. By Chetan Ghate and Stephen Wright. [Download]

08-02: Negative Reality of the HIV Positives: Evaluating Welfare Loss in a Low Prevalence Country. By Sanghamitra Das, Abhiroop Mukhopadhyay and Tridip Ray. [Download]

08-01: Discrimination in an Elite Labour Market? Job Placements at the Indian Institute of Management – Ahmedabad. By Sujoy Chakravarty and E. Somanathan. [Download]


2007 Discussion Papers

07-06: Integrating Mental Health in Welfare Evaluation: An Empirical Application. By Sanghamitra Das, Abhiroop Mukhopadhyay, Tridip Ray. [Download]

07-05: How Does Poverty Decline? Evidence from India, 1983-1999. By Mukesh Eswaran, Ashok Kotwal, Bharat Ramaswami, and Wilima Wadhwa. [Download]

07-04: Multi-Item Vickrey-Dutch Auctions. By Debasis Mishra and David C.Parkes. [Download]

  • Accepted in Games and Economic Behavior

07-03: Overdemand and Underdemand in Economies with Indivisible Goods and Unit Demand. By Debasis Mishra and Dolf Talman. [Download]

07-02: Controlling Collusion in Auctions: The Role of Ceilings and Reserve Prices. By Prabal Roy Chowdhury. [Download]

07-01: Child Labor and Household Wealth: Theory and Empirical Evidence of an Inverted-U. By Kaushik Basu, Sanghamitra Das and Bhaskar Dutta. [Download]


2006 Discussion Papers

06-05: Liberalization, Biotechnology and the Private Seed Sector: The Case of India’s Cotton Seed Market. By Milind Murugkar,Bharat Ramaswami and Mahesh Shelar. [Download]

06-04: Alliances Among Asymmetric Countries. By Prabal Roy Chowdhury. [Download]

06-03: Underdeveloped Spot Markets and Futures Trading: The Soya Oil Exchange in India. By Bharat Ramaswami with Jatinder Bir Singh. [Download].

06-02: Innovation Incentives in an Intergrated Marketed with Vertical Product Differentiation. By Prabal Roy Chowdhury. [Download]

06-01: Group-lending with Sequential Financing, Contingent Renewal and Social Capital. By Prabal Roy Chowdhury. [Download]


2005 Discussion Papers

05-07: Transitional Dynamics in a Growth Model with Distributive Politics. By Chetan Ghate. [Download]

05-06: The Folk Theorem and Bertrand Competition. By Prabal Roy Chowdhury. [Download]

05-05: Patents and R&D: The Tournament Effect. By Prabal Roy Chowdhury. [Download]

05-04: Does Decentralization Work? Forest Conservation in the Himalayas. By E. Somanathan, R. Prabhakar and Bhupendra Singh Mehta. [Download]

05-03: Education And Growth in The Presence of Capital Flight. By Debajyoti Chakrabarty, Areendam Chanda and Chetan Ghate. [Download]

05-02: Do Security Deposit Rates Matter: Evidence from a Secondary Market. By Susumu Imai, Kala Krishna and Abhiroop Mukhopadhyay. [Download]

05-01: Efficiency and Distribution in Contract Farming:The Case of Indian Poultry Growers. By Bharat Ramaswami, Pratap Singh Birthal, and P. K. Joshi. [Download]


2004 Discussion Papers

04-23: Group-lending with sequential financing, joint liability and social capital. By Prabal Roy Chowdhury. [Download]

04-22: Financial Intermediation and Employment. By Manoj Pant, Prabal Roy Chowdhury and Gurbachan Singh. [Download]

04-21: Collective Action in the Commons: A Theoretical Framework for Empirical Research. By Rajiv Sethi and E.Somanathan. [Download]

04-20: Controlling Informalization: Punitive versus Strategic measures. By Siddhartha Mitra. [Download]

04-19: An Analysis of Corporate Performance and Governance in India: Study of Some Selected Industries. By Diganta Mukherjee and Tejamoy Ghose. [Download]

04-18: Vertical Diversity And Equilbrium Growth. By Satya P. Das. [Download]

04-17: The Political economy of public goods: Some evidence from India. By Abhijit Banerjee and Rohini Somanathan. [Download]

04-16: Poverty targeting in Public programs: A comparison of alternative nonparametric methods. By Isha Dewan and Rohini Somanathan. [Download]

04-15: Bertrand-Edgeworth Equilibrium: Manipulable Residual Demand. By Prabal Roy Chowdhury. [Download]

04-14: Limit Properties of Bertrand Equilibria with Exogenous Entry. By Prabal Roy Chowdhury. [Download]

04-13: Bertrand-Edgeworth duopoly with linear costs: A tale of two paradoxes. By Prabal Roy Chowdhury. [Download]

04-12: Bertrand-Edgeworth equilibrium with a large number of firms. By Prabal Roy Chowdhury. [Download]

04-11: Marriage Markets with Externalities. By Prabal Roy Chowdhury. [Download]

04-10: Group-lending: Sequential financing, lender monitoring and joint liability. By Prabal Roy Chowdhury. [Download]

04-09: Joint Venture Instability and Monitoring. By Prabal Roy Chowdhury. [Download]

04-08: The Importance Of Being Informed: Experimental Evidence on The Demand For Enviromental Quality. By Jyotsna Jalan and E.Somanathan. [Download]

04-07: Quantifying Spatial Misallocaton in Centrally Provided Public Goods. By Siva Athreya and Rohini Somanathan. [Download]

04-06: Ownership Form and Contractual Inefficiency: Comparing Performance of cooperatives and Private factories in the Indian Sugar Industry. By Sanghamitra Das and Dilip Mookherjee. [Download]

04-05: Trade Liberalization, Imported Inputs and Factor Efficiencies: Evidence from the Auto Components Industry in India. By Sanghamitra Das and Ch. Sambasiva Rao. [Download]

04-04: Decreasing Marginal Impatience, Income Distribution and Demand for Money: Theory and Evidence. By Satya P. Das, Mausumi Das and Thomas B. Fomby. [Download]

04-03: Inequality and Segregation. By Rajiv Sethi and Rohini Somanathan. [Download]

04-02: Patronage in Public Administration: Presidential Connections, Position Assignments and the Performance of Korean Public Prosecutors, 1992-2000.By Nowook Park and Rohini Somanathan. [Download]

04-01: Policies to Combat Child Labor: A Dynamic Analysis. By Satya P. Das and Rajat Deb. [Download]


2003 Discussion Papers

03-10: Market Entry Costs, Producer Heterogeneity, and Export Dynamics. By Sanghamitra Das, Mark J. Roberts and James R. Tybout. [Download]

03-09: Walk or Wait? An Empirical Analysis of Street Crossing Decisions. By Sanghamitra Das, Charles F. Manski and Mark D. Manuszak. [Download]

03-08: Risk Management in Agriculture. By Bharat Ramaswami, Shamika Ravi and S.D.Chopra. [Download]

03-07: North-South Competition, Policy Rivalry and Profitability. By Satya P.Das and Subhadip Ghosh. [Download]

03-06: Endogenous Distribution, Politics and The Growth-Equity Tradeoff. By Satya P.Das and Chetan Ghate. [Download]

03-05: Awareness and the Demand for Environmental Quality: Drinking Water in Urban India. By Jyotsna Jalan, E.Somanathan, Saraswata Chaudhuri. [Download]

03-04: Endogenous Trading Bloc Formation in a North-South Global Economy. By Satya P.Das and Subhadip Ghosh. [Download]

03-03: FDI and the relative wage in a North South Global Economy. By Subhadip Ghosh. [Download]

03-02: Valuing Lives Equally: Distributional Weights for Welfare Analysis. By E.Somanathan. [Download]

03-01: Ordinally Bayesian Incentive-Compatible Voting Schemes. By Dipjyoti Majumdar and Arunava Sen. [Download]


2002 Discussion Papers

02-10: Mechanism Design by Observant and Informed Planners. By Shurojit Chatterji and Arunava Sen. [Download]

02-09: Reforming Food Subsidy Scheme:Estimating the Gains from Self-Targetting in India. By Bhaskar Dutta and Bharat Ramaswami. [Download]

02-08: Aggregation in Area Yield Insurance:The Linear Additive Model. By Bharat Ramaswami and Terry L.Roe. [Download]

02-07: Cricket interruptus: fairness and incentive in interruped cricket matches. By Michael Carter and Graeme Guthrie. [Download]

02-05: Understanding Reciprocity. By Rajiv Sethi and E.Somanathan. [Download]

02-04: Cost Monotonicity, Consistency and Minimum Cost Spanning Tree Games. By Bhaskar Dutta and Anirban Kar. [Download]

02-03: Norm Compliance and Strong Reciprocity. By Rajiv Sethi and E. Somanathan. [Download]

02-02: Inequality and Environmental Policy. By E. Somanathan. [Download]

02-01: Collective Action for Forest Conservation: Does Heterogeneity Matter? By E. Somanathan, R. Prabhakar, and B.S. Mehta. [Download]