Arunava Sen

Economics and Planning Unit

Indian Statistical Institute
7, S.J.S. Sansanwal Marg
New Delhi – 110 016, India
Phone: +91-11-4149 3945
Fax: +91-11-4149 3981
Email: asen [at]

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Research Interests

game theory, social choice theory, mechanism design, voting, and auctions.

Selected Publications

  • Strategy-Proofness and Pareto-Eciency in Quasi-Linear Exchange Economies, (with Mridu Prabal Goswami and Manipushpak Mitra), to appear in Theoretical Economics
  • On Domains that Admit Well-Behaved Strategy-Proof Social Choice Functions, (with Shurojit Chatterji and Remzi Sanver), to appear in Journal of Economic Theory
  • Ranking Completely Uncertain Decisions by the Uniform Expected Utility Criterion, (with Nicolas Gravel and Thierry Marchant), to appear in Journal of Mathematical Psychology
  • The Structure of Strategy-Proof Random Social Choice Functions over Product Domains and Separable Preferences, (with Shurojit Chatterji and Souvik Roy), to appear in Journal of Mathematical Economics
  • Roberts’ Theorem with Neutrality: A Social Welfare Ordering Approach, (with Debasis Mishra), Games and Economic Behavior, Vol 75, 2012, 283-298
  • Nash Implementation with Partially Honest Individuals, (with Bhaskar Dutta), Games and Economic Behavior, Vol 74, 2012, 154-169

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