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Gender and social identity

  1. What Determines Women's Labor Supply? The Role of Home Productivity and Social Norms (with Monisankar Bishnu and Kanika Mahajan) 2019 [Download].

  2. Using Social Connections and Financial Incentives to Solve Coordination Failure: A Quasi-field Experiment in India's Manufacturing Sector (with Amrita Dhillon, Sherry Xin Li and Swati Sharma), accepted at the Journal of Development Economics [Download].

  3. Why Are Fewer Married Women Joining the Workforce in Rural India? A Decomposition Analysis over Two Decades (with Taryn Dinkelman and Kanika Mahajan), Journal of Population Economics, 31(3): 783-818 , July 2018 [Download].

  4. Women Political Leaders, Corruption and Learning: Evidence from a Large Public Program in India (with Vegard Iversen and M.R. Sharan) Economic Development and Cultural Change, 66(1): 1 - 30, October 2017 (lead article) [Download]

  5. Female Labour Force Participation and Child Education in India: Evidence from the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (with Abhiroop Mukhopadhyay and Soham Sahoo), IZA Journal of Labor and Development, April 2016 [Download].

  6. Social Identity and Inequality: The Impact of China's Hukou System (with Sherry Xin Li and Yufei Ren), Journal of Public Economics, 123:17-29, March 2015 [Download].

  7. Social Networks and Labour Productivity: A Survey of Recent Theory and Evidence (with Amrita Dhillon and Swati Sharma), Indian Economic Review,2015, Vol L(1) [Download].

  8. Women's Empowerment and the Goal of Parity Between the Sexes in Schooling in India Population Studies,64(2): 131-145, July 2010 [Download].

Child development,education and health

  1. A Breath of Fresh Air: Raising Awareness for Clean Fuel Adoption (with Sisir Debnath and E. Somanathan) 2019, Pre-results (Stage 1) accepted at the Journal of Development Economics, [Download].

  2. Hunger and Performance in the Classroom (with Bidisha Barooah and Rohini Somanathan) 2019, [Download].

    Media mention - ThePrint [Download].

  3. Designing Effective Transfers: Lessons from India's School Meal Program (with Bidisha Barooah and Rohini Somanathan) 2019, Review of Development Economics, 24(1): 45-61, February 2020. [Download].

  4. Improving Learning Outcomes through Information Provision: Experimental Evidence from Indian Villages (with Bidisha Barooah and Rohini Somanathan) 2018, Journal of Development Economics, in press [Download].

  5. Educational Attainment and Learning in India, 2004-12, (with Bidisha Barooah) in Batabyal and Nijkamp ed. Regional Growth and Sustainable Development in Asia, January 2017, Springer. [Download].

  6. The Impact of School Meals on Student Participation in Rural India, Journal of Development Studies (Special Section on Impact Evaluation), 47(11): 1636-1656, November 2011 [Download].

  7. Child Welfare Programs and Child Nutrition: Evidence from a Mandated School Meal Program, Journal of Development Economics,92(2):152-165, July 2010 [Download].

    Media mention - The Economist [Download].

  8. Who Benefits from Public Sector Health Spending? Results of a Benefit Incidence Analysis for India, (with Ajay Mahal, Janmejay Singh, Vikram Lamba, V. Selvaraju and Anil Gumber), The World Bank and The National Council of Applied Economic Research, 2002

Governance and corruption

  1. Electoral Competition and Corruption: Theory and Evidence from India (with Amrita Dhillon and Eilon Solan) 2019 [Download].

  2. Governance and Public Service Delivery in India, IGC Synthesis Paper & IZA WP #10856, July 2017 [Download].

  3. Women Political Leaders, Corruption and Learning: Evidence from a Large Public Program in India (with Vegard Iversen and M.R. Sharan) Economic Development and Cultural Change, 66(1), October 2017 [Download]

  4. Social Audits and MGNREGA delivery: Lessons from Andhra Pradesh, (with Vegard Iversen), India Policy Forum, 2014 [Download]

    Media mention - Live Mint and The Wall Street Journal [Download].

  5. Can Community Monitoring Improve the Accountability of Public Officials? Economic and Political Weekly,Vol. 43 (42), 2008 [Download]

  6. Mid Day Meals in Two States: Comparing the Financial and Institutional Organization of the Program, Economic and Political Weekly,Vol. XL (15), 2005 [Download]


  • Providing information on school quality in a dysfunctional public education system, Ideas for India, 18 October 2018. [Download].

  • The marriage penalty on women in India, MINT, 4 July 2018. [Download].

  • Editor, e-symposium 'Firms and Labor Productivity', Ideas for India, 12 March 2018. [Download].

  • Editor, e-symposium 'Women's Labor Force Participation in India', Ideas for India, 3 March 2017. [Download].

  • Editor, e-symposium on the 10th anniversary of MGNREGA, Ideas for India, 14 March 2016. [Download].

  • Social audit isn't enough, Op-ed, Indian Express, 22 January 2014. [Download].

  • We,the monitors, Op-ed, Indian Express, 30 July 2013. [Download].

  • Does political reservation for women improve programme delivery?, Ideas for India, 17 January 2013. [Download].

  • Food for thought: On the design of school subsidy programmes, Ideas for India, 06 August 2012. [Download].

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