International Symposium on Applied Optimization and Game Theoretic Models for Decision Making

February 1-3, 2023

Indian Statistical Institute, Delhi Centre




A three days International Symposium on Applied Optimization and Game-Theoretic Models will be organized during February 1-3, 2023 at Indian Statistical Institute, Delhi Centre. This International symposium aims to promote research in the area of Applied Optimization and Game theory by bringing together world-leading experts and other specialists of the field along with young scholars.

 This symposium will provide an excellent opportunity to disseminate the latest major achievements and to explore new directions and perspectives, and is expected to have a broad international appeal, dealing with topics of fundamental importance in applied optimization and other related sciences (Economics, Physics, Engineering).

 This event mainly focuses on classical and modern optimization theory, algorithms (local and global aspects), stochastic optimization, structured optimization, reliability optimization, optimization methods in  machine learning as well as related topics in applied mathematics, including game theory. This symposium also seeks for applied contributions on uncertainty modeling and optimization in the fields of logistics, manufacturing, and supply chain management where robust and/or stochastic models are used to provide decision support.

This symposium also intends to bring out a publication of selected and refereed papers.

Information about social events will be available to you at the time of registration.