International Symposium on Applied Optimization and Game Theoretic Models for Decision Making

February 1-3, 2023

Indian Statistical Institute, Delhi Centre



Symposium Topics

1.      Linear and Nonlinear Programming

2.      Multi-Objective Optimization

3.      Global Optimization

4.      Optimization Problem in Statistics

5.      Network analysis and Optimization

6.      Optimization Problems in Graph Theory

7.      Nonsmooth Optimization

8.      Neural Network algorithms for optimization problem

9.      Combinatorial Optimization

10.  Robust Optimization

11.  Stochastic Optimization

12.  New developments in Classical Combinatorial Optimization Problems (Knapsack, Vehicle Routing & Scheduling, Traveling salesman problem)

13.  Game theory

14.  Reliability optimization

15.  Optimization techniques for game problems

16. Complementarity Problem and variational Inequalities

17.  Application of Optimization Models to finance and Economics

18. Optimization Techniques in Machine Learning