Tridip Ray

Associate Professor
Planning Unit
Indian Statistical Institute, Delhi
7 S.J.S. Sansanwal Marg
New Delhi, 110016

Phones: (91-11)-41493941
Room No. 217
Fax: (91-11)-41493981
E-mail: tridip"at" isid "dot" ac "dot" in

Tridip Ray received his Ph.D in Economics in 1999 from Cornell University, Ithaca, New York and joined the Planning Unit Faculty in June 2005.

His areas of research interests are Economic Development and Growth, and Microeconomic Theory. He teaches courses in Mathematical Economics and Development Economics. 

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Published Papers

Some of his selected publications include:

"Bank-based versus Market-based Financial Systems: A Growth-Theoretic Analysis," (with Shanka Chakraborty), forthcoming, Journal of Monetary Economics.

"Sharecropping, Land Exploitation and Land Improving Investments," forthcoming, Japanese Economic Review

"Uncertainty, Arbitrage and Intra-Industry Trade," (with Sudipto Dasgupta and Kit Pong Wong), Canadian Journal of Economics, 35(4), 757-785, 2002.

"Limited Liability, Contractual Choice, and the Tenancy Ladder," (with Nirvikar Singh), Journal of Development Economics, 66(1), 289-303, 2001.

"Share Tenancy as Strategic Delegation," Journal of Development Economics, 58(1), 45-60, 1999.

"The Babu and the Boxwallah: Managerial Incentives and Government Intervention in a Developing Economy," (with Kaushik Basu and Arghya Ghosh), Review of Development Economics, 1(1), 71-80, 1997.

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Working Papers

His current research includes:

"The Development and Structure of Financial Systems,” (with Shankha Chakraborty). (Revised and resubmitted to the Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control.)

“A Procurement Auction Model under Supplier Uncertainty,” (with Haresh Gurnani).

"Uncertainty, Arbitrage and Industry Location” (with Sudipto Dasgupta). (work in progress)

"Structural Transformation: The Role of Formal-Informal Credit Linkages.” (work in progress)

"Inequality, Risk Diversification, and Financial Structure.” (work in progress)

"The Economic Impact of HIV/AIDS Epidemic in India - A Long Term Analysis,” (with Sanghamitra Das and Abhiroop Mukhopadhyay). (work in progress)

"Uncertainty, Arbitrage and Trading Block Formation” (with Subhadip Ghosh). (work in progress)

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