Research Interests

I am a macroeconomist with a research focus on economic growth, fluctuations, economic development, monetary and fiscal policy, and the Indian macroeconomy. I have recently been working on unbalanced growth in India, fiscal policy in small open economies, monetary policy and terms of trade shocks, and endogenous growth models with endogenous investment specific technological change. I am currently a Professor at the Indian Statistical Institute - Delhi Center.

Publications and Working Papers
Monetary and Fiscal Rules for Emerging Economies
  • Why is the Aggregate Demand Channel for Monetary Transmission Weak in India? With Parantap Basu (Durham), Pawan Gopalakrishnan (Jindal Global University), Seshadri Banerjee (CSSS Kolkata), and Sargam Gupta (ISI Delhi). Work in Progress.
  • Fiscal Policy, Debt, and EME Business Cycles. With Chetan Dave (NYU - Abu Dhabi) and Pawan Gopalakrishnan (Jindal Global University). Work in Progress.
  • Monetary Policy in India: A Modern Macroeconomic Perspective. (Eds.) Chetan Ghate and Ken Kletzer (UCSC). Springer Verlag: India. Under preparation for completion in 2016.
  • [October 2015] [Terms of Trade Shocks and Monetary Policy in India.] With Debdulal Mallick (Deakin University) and Sargam Gupta (ISI Delhi). Work in Progress.
  • [February 2016] [Fiscal Policy in an Emerging Market Business Cycle Model.] With Pawan Gopalakrishnan (ISI Delhi) and Suchismita Tarafdar (Shiv Nadar University). Revised and Resubmitted
  • Global Cooperation Among G20 Countries: Responding to the Crisis and Restoring Growth, (Eds.) Mike Callaghan (Lowy Institute), Chetan Ghate, Stephen Pickford (Chatham House), and Francis Rathinam (DFID). Springer Verlag: India. January 2014.
The Indian Macroeconomy Endogenous Growth Theory Chapters in Edited Volumes and Contributions to Technical Reports Book Reviews and Shorter Pieces
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