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View on Aadhar Bill debate hosted by Ideas for India. Full article here, May 2016

Modi government’s Vodafone moment in The Indian Express, April, 2016

Protectionism under the guise of food security in Mint, August 2014.

Budget 2014: Has the curtain lifted? in Mint, July 2014.

Composite Development Index: An Explanatory Note forthcoming in Yojana, May 2014.

WTO Has a Point in Objecting to India's Food Security Act in Hindustan Times, January 2014.

Some Reflections on the National Food Security Act in Yojana, December 2013.

India Should Stand its Ground at Bali in Mint, November 2013.

How Labels Influence the Decision to Buy Genetically Modified Food in Ideas For India, October 2013.

Doing a Number of FSB in Financial Express, September 2013.

Correct Costs of the Food Security Bill in Ideas For India, August 2013. Reprinted in Financial Express, August 2013.

Why the Food Security Bill is Neither Populist Nor Unaffordable in Economic Times, June 2013.

Grain Stocks: Is it a Problem of Storage Capacity? in Ideas For India, April 2013. Reprinted in Mint, April 2013.

Food Security in India Lecture in Green College's thematic series "Public Health Law and Policy in Asia", University of British Columbia, October 2012.

Interview in Eostre, a Student Journal of Delhi School of Economics, 2012.

It Simply Can't Fail in Hindustan Times, February 2012.

Food Security Must Delegate Complete Freedom on Subsidy Targetting to States in Economic Times, December 2011.

For Rich or for Poor? in Hindustan Times, November 2011.

Security Leakages in Indian Express, October 2011.

Intent, Design and Compatibilty Pivotal in Deccan Herald, August 2011.

Too Bad to Swallow in Indian Express, March 2011.

This is not a Pipeline in Hindustan Times, February 2011.

Don't Water Down Food Security in Indian Express, January 2011.

Feeding the Problem in Indian Express, September 2010.

Replacing the PDS in Indian Express, March 2010.

Role of Enabler is Tough to Perform in The Telegraph, February 2010.

The Fragility of Agriculture Policy Reforms in India Commodity Year Book, NCMSL, November 2009.

Rural Welfare: An Exclusive View to Inclusive Growth in Mint, July 2009.

How Not to Feed the Poor in Financial Express, May 2009.

Going Beyond the Tried and Failed: A Challenge for Agricultural Policy in India in Transition, Centre for Advanced Study of India, University of Pennsylvania, May 2009.

Book Review, Institutions and Markets in India's Development, Essays For K. N. Raj, edited by A. Vaidyanathan and K. L. Krishna, Oxford University Press; and States, Markets and Inequalities: Human Development in Rural India, edited by Abusaleh Shariff and Maithreyi Krishnaraj, Orient Longman, New Delhi, 2008.

The Real Cost of Surviving with J. Huang, S. Rozelle and U. Lelle. Mint, July 2008.

Why Shoot the Messenger? in Mint, May 2008.

The Loan Waiver is an Admission that We Can't Fix the Farm's Problems in Mint, March 2008.

How to Spend a Million Bucks in Mint, February 2008.

DEBATE: Is it Time to Wind Up the Public Food Distribution System? in Financial Express, July 2007.

Food Coupons Are a Better Alternative in Financial Express, July 2007.

The State and the Market in Mint, June 2007.

Bad Ideas are Black with M. Murugkar, June 2007.

Monopoly and Wheat Imports with M. Murugkar. Economic Times, May 2006.

Book Review, India Untouched, by A. M. George, 2005.

A Proposal for Food Stamps in Maharashtra with M. Murugkar. (Talk), 2005.

FAQs about Maharashtra Food Stamp Program with M. Murugkar, September 2005.

Getting the Job Guarantee Plan Act Right with W. Wadhwa. Economic Times, March 2005.

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Cutting Food Subsidies: Wrong for the Right Reasons? in Economic Times, May 2000.

Panel Discussion on Reforms and After, Business India, Issue No. 458, September 25-October 8, 1995.

Conservation of Historic Housing: Is the Market the Enemy? with Arunava Sen, September 1995.

Chip off the Old Block? in Busines Standard, April 1995.

A Shift in Perspective in Busines Standard, February 1995.

Essential Commodities Act: Essential? in Economic Times Standard, January 1994.

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