Centre for Research on the Economics of Climate, Food, Energy and Environment


The Centre for research on the Economics of Climate, Food, Energy and Environment (CECFEE) is dedicated to in-depth economic research and analysis on the interlocking issues of climate change, energy security, environmental protection, and food security in India.

Currently, there is a critical need for more capacity in economic modeling of energy and climate change that is needed for long-term planning by the government and for background in international climate negotiations. CECFEE is conceptualised in order to provide high-quality research infrastructure on a permanent basis and to provide sound inputs to the policy-making process.

The Economics and Planning Unit (EPU) of the Indian Statistical Institute is the top-ranked research department of economics in India with outstanding Master’s and PhD programs in economics. Individual faculty members of the Unit have been engaging in research and supervising PhD theses on these topics for some years now. CECFEE, located in the EPU, will build a critical mass of research manpower and a wider network throughout the country as well as link up with researchers in other countries.