International Symposium on

Applied Optimization and Game-Theoretic Models

January 9-11, 2013

Venue: Indian Statistical Institute, Delhi Centre


Call for Papers


Last date of submission of paper: 15 December, 2012
Last date of submission of paper: 25 December, 2012

Those who are interested to contribute a paper should submit the pdf file of the full text of the paper (written in English) related to any topics of the symposium by using e-mail address

Manuscripts should be written in LaTex. Invited papers and original contributed papers (reviewed and accepted by referees) will be published in edited volume/ Special issue in Annals of Operations Research/Special issue in International Game Theory Review

The first page should contain the article title, author's and coauthor(s)' name, affiliation, proposed running head (not more than 50 characters including spaces), an abstract (not more than ten lines) and a list of keywords.

References should be listed alphabetically, in the same way as the following examples:

For a book: C. R. Rao, Linear Statistical Inference and Its Applications, John Wiley, 1973.


For a paper in a journal: E. Balas and M. Padberg, On the set-covering problem, Operations Research, 20, (1972), 1153-1161.


For a paper in a contributed volume: S. R. Mohan, S. K. Neogy and T. Parthasarathy, Linear complementarity and discounted polystochastic game when one player controls transitions, in Complementarity and Variational Problems, eds: M.C. Ferris and Jong-Shi Pang, SIAM, Philadelphia, (1997) 284-294.


For an unpublished paper: V. K. Chetty, D. Dasgupta and T. E. S. Raghavan, Power and Distribution of Profits, Tech. Rept, Indian Statistical Institute, N. Delhi, 1976.