Lectures on Probability and Stochastic Processes XII
Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata
December 15 - 19, 2017

Local information:

Direction to ISI Guest House:
ISI Guest House is situated at 205 B. T. Road, Kolkata 700108. While coming by taxi, the general direction is towards Dunlop crossing. The more specific location should be given by Bonhoogly, as the driver may not be familiar with the location of the guest house. The guest house campus will be on your left on B. T. Road coming from south (Howrah station or Sealdah station, for example) after crossing Ananya Cinema Hall which does not exist any more, though the place is still known by that name. However, if you are coming from the airport, the taxi-driver may also take the elevated Belghoria expressway, get out on the P.W.D. Road near Dakshineshwar. After that there is a flyover. Once you get off the flyover, first there is a pedastrian crossing, followed by a road crossing, both with traffic lights. The second crossing is Bonhoogly, and the guest house will be on your right just after the crossing. Please check this map for the exact location of the ISI Guest House.

The blue-bordered yellow taxis of Kolkata run on meter. Other than the meter-run taxis, the airport and the railway stations have prepaid taxi booths. Please keep your receipt till you reach your destination and hand the smaller piece to the driver only after that. In addition, there are two App based taxi services - Ola and Uber. In case of any trouble, you should contact Traffic Control Room at 1073 (toll free), 9830010000 or 9830811111.

ISI Kolkata campus:
A map of ISI Kolkata campus is available at this link. The Guest House is marked 13 on the map. The lectures will be held in the lecture hall in the ground floor of A. N. Kolmogorov Bhavan, marked 28 on the map. A. N. Kolmogorov Bhavan can be reached through the Pedestrian Subway, marked 15 on the map and then passing through the portico under R. A. Fisher Bhavan, marked 22 on the map.

Kolkata is cool, sunny, dry and very pleasant during the winter season (November - February). The temperature ranges from about 10 to 20 degrees Celsius and the relative humidity is around 50%. Light woolen clothing is necessary during winter in Kolkata.

Phone calls:
Each room in the Guest House has a phone connection with its four digit number written on it. The complete number can be obtained by putting 2575 before them. You may receive calls directly on that phone. To call the phone from outside Calcutta, but within India, put 033 before those eight digits. To call from abroad, put 009133 before the eight digits.

Useful phone numbers:

  • Guest House reception: (033)-25755900
  • Guest House office: (033)-25754060, (033)-25755970
  • Stat-Math Office: (033)-25753400, (033)-25754300

Computer access:
The Guest House is wi-fi enabled. In order to use the wi-fi, please send the following information to the organizers:
1. Name
2. MAC address of your wireless ethernet adapter. You will find instructions on how to figure that out at this link.
The instructions to set up your computer will be notified to the participants when they arrive in the Guest House. There are few computers in the computer room in the ground floor of the Guest House as well.

There are four ATMs inside or around the campus. Any ATM card or credit card with a Visa, Mastercard or Maestro logo can be used at these ATMs to withdraw INR currency notes. There is an ATM of Allahabad Bank in the building marked 16 on the map. Also, there are two ATMs next to each other, one of State Bank of India and the other of ICICI, across the B. T. Road as you come out through the gate numbered 203, B. T. Road on the map. Further, there is an ATM of Axis Bank across the B. T. Road 100 metres to your right, if you exit the Guest House campus through 205, B. T. Road gate.