Conference Programme



3rd Annual Conference on Economic Growth and Development
Dec. 13-14,2006
ISI, Delhi.

Wednesday, December 13

Registration, Coffee/Tea and Travel Re-imbursement.
8:30 9:00 AM

9:00 - 9:15 Opening Remarks.

Parallel Sessions:
Time: 9:15 11:30 AM

Session I(a): Education and Health
Chair: Abhiroop Mukhopadhyay (ISI Delhi)
Venue: Conference Room

"Teacher Characteristics and Student Perfromance in India: A Pupil Fixed Effects Approach".
Geeta Gandhi Kingdon (University of Oxford).

"Spending to Save State Healt Expenditure and Infant Mortality in India".
Sonia Bhalotra (University of Bristol).

"Do Returns to Education Matter to Schooling Participation".
Geeta Gandhi Kingdon (University of Oxford) and Nicolas Theopold.

Session I(b): Maroeconomics Theory and Policy I
Chair: Chetan Ghate (ISI Delhi)
Venue: Seminar Room II

"Policies, Enforcement, and Customs Evasion: Evidence from India"
Prachi Mishra, Petia Topalova (IMF) and Arvind Subramanian (IMF).

"Real Exchange Rate Overshooting in Real Business Cycle and Overlapping Wage Contract Model".
Sourbarna Pal (Cardiff University)and Patrick Minford (Cardiff University).

"Migration and FDI: A Complementary or Substitutability Relationship?".
Elena D"Agosto (University of Rome), Nazaria Solferino (University of Milan) and Giovanni Tria (University of Roame).

Time: 11:30 11:45 AM

Parallel Sessions :
Time: 11:45 1:15PM

Session 2(a): Micro Credit
Chair: Arunava Sen (ISI Delhi)
Venue: Conference Room

"Cosigners Help".
Ashok S.Rai (Williams College) and Stefan Klonner(Cornell University).

"Does Subsidising the Cost of Capital Really Help the Poorest? An Analysis of Saving opportunities in Group Lending ".
Kumar Aniket, (University of Edinburgh).

Session 2(b): Gender Differentials and Dowry
Chair: Sanghamitra Das (ISI Delhi)
Venue: Seminar Room II

"Population Growth and Rising Dowries: The Long Run Mechanism of a Marriage Squeeze".
Sudeshna Maitra (York University, Canada).

"Husband Wives and the Peculiar Economics of Household public Goods".
Amanda J. Felkey (Lake Forest College).

Time: 1:15 2:15 PM

Parallel Sessions :
Time: 2:15 4:30 PM

Session 3(a): Poverty and Inequality
Chair: Bharat Ramaswami (ISI Delhi)
Venue: Conference Room

"Factor Immobility and Regional Impacts of Trade Liberalization: Evidence on Poverty and Inequality from India".
Petia Topalova (IMF).

"Does Poverty Entrap".
Stefan Dercon (University of Oxford) and Joseph S. Shapiro.

"Development Programmes, Caste and Capture in Villages in India 1975-2004".
Reena Badiani (Yale University), Stefan Dercon (University of Oxford) and Pramila Krishnan (University of Cambridge).

Session 3(b): Trade and Industry
Chair: Satya P. Das (ISI Delhi)
Venue: Seminar Room II

"On the Emergence of an MFN Club: Equal Treatment in an Unequal World".
Kamal Saggi (Southern Methodist University) and Faruk Sengul (Southern Methodist University).

"Trade Reforms, Vertical Contracts and Inoovation in a Developing Economy".
Dibyendu S. Maiti (Centre for Studies in Social Sciences, Kolkata) Werner Bonte (Max Planck Institute of Economics, Germany).

"Copyright Protection and Innovation in the Presence of Commercial Piracy".
Dyuti S. Banerjee (Monash University) and Teyu Chou (National Chengchi University, Taiwan).

Time: 4:30 4:45 PM

Keynote Lecture by Professor Roger Gordon (University of California, San Diego).
Title: "Puzzling Tax Structures in Developing Countries: A Comparison of Two Alternative Explanations".
Chair: Bhaskar Dutta
Venue: Conference Room
Time: 4:45 6:15 PM

Conference Dinner at India International Center
7:30 - 10:00 PM

Thursday, December 14

Coffee/Tea, and Travel Re-imbursement.
9:00 - 10:00 AM

Parallel Sessions :
Time: 10:00 1:00 PM

Session 4(a): Industry and Environment
Chair: E. Somanathan (ISI Delhi)
Venue: Conference Room

"Active MNC Subsidiaries and Technology Diffusion Late Industrialising Countries: the Cases of Argentina and India.".
Anabel Marin (Universidad Naciaonal de General Samrmiento, Argentina)Subash Sasidharan (IIT, Bombay) and Ionara Costa(UNU-MERIT, Maastricht).

Technical Efficiency in the Indian Textile Industry: A Non-Parametric Analysis Firm-Level Data".
Anup Kumar Bhandari (Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata) and Subhash C. Ray (University of Connecticut).

"Globalization and Environment: can Pollution Haven Hypothesis Alone Explain the Impact of Globalization on Evironment?".
Soumyananda Dinda (Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata).

"Fighting the Commoditisation of Water and the Marginalisation of Bhil Indigenous People in Jhabua District of Madhya Pradesh in India - A Multi-Disciplinary Approach".
Rahul Banerjee (Krishnodayanagar, Indore).

Parallel Sessions:

Parallel Session 4(b): Macroeconomics: Finance and Fiscal Policy
Chair: Tridip Ray (ISI Delhi)
Venue: Seminar Room II

"Explaining the Trend and Diversity in the Evolution of the Stock Market.
Niloy Bose (University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee) and Rebecca Neumann (University Wisconsin, Milwaukee).

"On The Composition of Government Spending optimal Fiscal Policy, And Endogenous Growth: Theory And Evidence".
Sugata Ghosh (Brunel University) and Andros Gregoriou(Brunel University).

"Target Savers".
Ashok S.Guha(Jawaharlal Nehru University)and Brishti Guha (Singapore Management University)

Time: 1:00 2:30 PM

Parallel Sessions :
Time: 2:30 4:15 PM

Session 5(a): Topics in Development Microeconomics
Chair: Parikshit Ghosh (ISI Delhi)
Venue: Conference Room
Time: 2:30 4:15 PM

"Voting Over Informal Risk Sharing Rules".
Stefan Ambec (INRA-GAEL, Universite Pierre Mendes France).

"Income Distribution and Product Quality".
Namrata Gulati (Indian Statistical Institute) and Tridip Ray(Indian Statistical Institute).

Session 5(b): Topics in Growth Theory
Chair: Mausumi Das (Delhi School of Economics)
Venue: Seminar Room II

"Scale Invariant Endogenous Growth Model with Long-Run Cycles".
Katsufumi Fukuda (Kobe University)

"Human Capital, Dynamic Preference and Endogenous Transition from Primitive Agriculture to Industrial Mass Production: Three Stages of Economic Development."
Rudrani Bhattacharya (Indian Statistical Institute, Delhi)

4:15 - 4:45 PM

Keynote Lecture by Professor Arvind Subramanian (IMF).
Title: The Intriguing Relationship between Growth and Institutions in India".
Venue: Conference Room
Chair: Satya P. Das (ISI Delhi)
Time: 4:45 - 6:15 PM

Vote of Thanks.
Venue: Conference Room
Time:6.15 - 6:30 PM

Evening Out at Old Delhi.
7:00 PM onwards