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  • An interesting plot relating the per-capita GDP, expenditure on health, education with corruption levels of different countries (data from World Bank and Transparency International).

Personal Corner

I love to play soccer and to travel. I have traveled almost all major tourist destinations in India. I'm curious about the international destinations outside India. I had been to some cities in Europe. I took some photos while interning at Cambridge, MA. In addition, I write reviews in travel forums like tripadvisor. I also listen to Indian and Western Classical Music. I'm long out of practice, but sometimes I sit down with paper and charcoal, result 1, result 2.

I was introduced to football (soccer) at around the age of 2, and still I try my feet on it whenever I get time. Here is a 2008 snapshot. This game is a lot more than just a game. Perhaps because the game brings some form of art and philosophy that is more than sheer skill and power. My role model is Pelé. Almost everybody knows his class on ground, however, he is a wonderful motivator off-the-field. In particular, I liked the following quote among his other advices to the young footballers, which, I feel is equally motivating for young researchers as well:

"Always be yourself! Don't try to imitate anyone or to be like someone. Create your own individual style. Don't try and make yourself a 'Pelé'. It is much more important to be yourself than Pelé."
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