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ISI Delhi offers two Masters programs: (1) Master of Science in Quantitative Economics (MSQE) (2) Master of Statistics (M.Stat.). Typically, a M.Stat. student has a bachelors degree in Statistics. And MSQE students are primarily from Economics and Engineering backgrounds.

The MSQE program is offered by the Economics and Planning Unit of ISI Delhi and the M.Stat. program is offered by the Statistics and Mathematics Unit of ISI Delhi. Both programs are two year programs, broken into four semesters (a batch graduates in May every year).

Some of the courses taken by MSQE students are: Statistics, Time Series Econometrics, Finance, Applied Econometrics, Computer Programming (R), Game Theory, Macro Dynamics, International Economics, Industrial Organization, Social Choice and Political Economy, Public Economics, Intertemporal Economics, Environmental Economics, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics. Details can be found here. Also, learn more about the syllabus of these courses here.

Some of the courses taken by M.Stat. students are: Statistical Inference, Linear Models and GLM, Multivariate Analysis, Sample Survey and Design of Experiments, Regression Techniques, Time Series Analysis, Statistical Computing, Probability and Stochastic Processes. Details about the courses can be found here. M.Stat. students often take courses offered to MSQE students as electives, and vice versa.

ISI Delhi admits students to both Masters programs and doctoral programs by a competitive entrance examination (a written followed by an interview). Hence, our admission procedures are rigorous. Besides, students in ISI Delhi are taught by world class faculty in the areas of Statistics and Quantitative Economics (see faculty pages here: Economics and Planning Unit Faculty Pages and Statistics and Mathematics Unit Faculty Pages).

Economics and Planning Unit has about thirty doctoral students now. For recruiting doctoral students, please contact Debasis Mishra at dmishra [at]

For feedbacks and queries, contact placement [at]
Placement Cell, Indian Statistical Institute, 7 S.J.S. Sansanwal Marg New Delhi - 110 016