Seminar at SMU Delhi

August 26, 2014 (Tuesday) , 3:30 PM at Webinar
Speaker: Bipul Saurabh, Indian Statistical Institute, Delhi
Title: Quantum double suspension of a $C^{*}$- algebra.
Abstract of Talk
By a celebrated result of Gelfand and Naimark, One can view a unital $ C^{*}$- algebra as a non commutative analogue of a compact Hausdorff topological space. From a given topological space, new topological spaces can be constructed by doing certain operations. Double suspension is one such operation. In this talk we will discuss how to extend the notion of double suspension to noncommutative set up and contruct a new $C^{*}$- algebra $\Sigma^2A$ from a given $ C^{*}$-algebra $A$. We will give a few examples of this construction. If time permits, we will indicate why this construction is important in the context of non commutative geometry.