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October 24, 2018, 3:30 PM at Seminar Room 2
Speaker: Parthanil Roy, ISI Bangalore
Title: How to tell a tale of two tails?
Abstract of Talk

A branching random walk is a system of growing particles that starts from one particle at the origin with each particle branching and moving independently of the others after unit time. In this talk, we shall discuss how the tails of progeny and displacement distributions determine the extremal properties of branching random walks. In particular, we have been able to verify two related conjectures of Eric Brunet and Bernard Derrida in many cases that were open before.


This talk is based on a joint works with Ayan Bhattacharya (PhD thesis work at Indian Statistical Institute, presently at Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica, Amsterdam), Rajat Subhra Hazra (Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata), Souvik Ray (M. Stat dissertation work at Indian Statistical Institute, presently at Stanford University) and Philippe Soulier (University of Paris Nanterre).


Special care will be taken so that this talk is accessible to a large section of mathematicians and statisticians.

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