About Us

The Indian Statistical Institute (ISI) was established by Professor P. C. Mahalanobis on 28th April, 1932 as a registered non-profit distributing learned society with the headquarters in Kolkata. Later, the Institute set up two Centres in Delhi (1974) and Bangalore (1978) and a branch in Giridih, along with a network of Units of Statistical Quality Control and Operations Research at Baroda, Mumbai, Pune, Coimbatore, Chennai, and Hyderabad. The Chennai Unit was upgraded to a centre in 2006, and a new North-East Centre at Tezpur was started in 2011.

The Theoretical Statistics and Mathematics Unit, Delhi is one of the three units under the Theoretical Statistics and Mathematics Division of ISI, the other two being in Kolkata and Bangalore.The faculty of the unit are actively engaged in research in various areas of Mathematics, Probability, and Statistics.

The Stat-Math Unit, Delhi has a doctoral program (Ph.D.). The unit is also actively involved in teaching a two year masters program called "Master of Statistics" (M.STAT.).