Seminar at SMU Delhi

November 2, 2015 (Monday) , 4:15 PM at Webinar

This will be broadcast from Kolkata by Video conference.

Speaker: Remco van der Hofstad, Eindhoven University of Technology
Title: The structure of complex networks
Abstract of Talk
Many phenomena in the real world can be translated in terms of networks. Examples include the World-Wide Web, social interactions, traffic and Internet, but also the interaction patterns between proteins, food webs and citation networks.

The large-scale networks have, despite their diversity in backgrounds, surprisingly much in common. Many of these networks are small worlds, in the sense that one requires few links to hop between pairs of vertices. Also the variability of the number of connections between elements tends to be enormous, which is related to the scale-free phenomenon.

In this lecture for a broad audience, we describe a few real-world networks and some of their empirical properties. We also describe the effectiveness of abstract network modelling in terms of graphs and how real world networks can be modeled, as well as how these models help us to give sense to the empirical findings.

We assume no prior knowledge in graph theory, probability or otherwise.