Seminar at SMU Delhi

January 25, 2016 (Monday) , 11:30 AM at Webinar

Unusual day and time.

Speaker: Anatoly Vershik, Steklov Institute of Mathematics and St. Petersburg State University
Title: The problem about invariant measures in probability theory and algebra
Abstract of Talk

Several variants of the problems on invariant ergodic measures will be given: to find

--- the set of invariant measure for Markov processes;

--- the list of traces of *-algebras;

--- the list of invariant measure for the action of given amenable group;

--- the boundary of the random walks;

--- the list of invariant random subgroups etc.

All such problems can be considered in the framework of probabilistic analysis of graded graphs. We distinguish such problems on two classes: standard, which have Borel set of parameters and nonstandard.