Seminar at SMU Delhi

August 24, 2018 (Friday) , 3:30 PM at Webinar
Speaker: Sudeshna Basu, George Washington University
Title: Linear Hahn Banach Extension of module homomorphisms in Hilbert and Banach modules
Abstract of Talk

The notion of linear Hahn-Banach extension operator was first studied in detail by Heinrich and Mankiewicz (1982). Previously, J. Lindenstrauss (1966) studied similar versions of this notion in the context of non separable reflexive Banach spaces. Subsequently, Sims and Yost (1989) proved the existence of linear Hahn-Banach extension operators via interspersing subspaces in a purely Banach space theoretic set up. In this paper, we study similar questions in the context of Banach modules and module homomorphisms, in particular, Banach algebras of operators on Banach spaces. Based on Dales, Kania, Kochanek, Kozmider and Laustsen(2013), and also Kania and Laustsen (2017), we give complete answers for reflexive Banach spaces and the non-reflexive space constructed by Kania and Laustsen from the celebrated Argyros-Haydon's space with few operators.


This is a joint work with Ajit Iqbal singh.