Seminar at SMU Delhi

February 2, 2012 (Thursday) , 3:30 PM at Webinar Note: THURSDAY
Speaker: Amit Mishra, Central University of Bihar
Title: Standby Redundancy Allocations in Series and Parallel Systems
Abstract of Talk
To enhance the performance of a system a common practice employed by reliability engineers is to use redundant components in the system. Two commonly used types of redundancy are the active (or parallel) redundancy and the standby redundancy. In standby redundancy, spares are attached to components of the system in a manner that a spare starts functioning only after the failure of the component to which it is attached (which leads to consideration of convolution of random variables). Two different allocations of spares can be compared through stochastic orders between the lifetimes of corresponding systems. We will discuss the problem of optimally allocating standby redundant components in the system and will provide detailed literature survey. We will also highlight our contributions in this area.