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On the Nearest Neighbor Algorithm for Mean Field Traveling Salesman Problem
Antar Bandyopadhyay and Farkhondeh Sajadi
In this work we consider the mean field travelling salesman problem, where the intercity distances are taken to be i.i.d. with some distribution $F$. This paper focus on the \emph{nearest neighbor tour} which is to move to the nearest non-visited city and we show that under some conditions on $F$, which are satisfied by exponential distribution with constant mean, the total length of the nearest neighbor tour, asymptotically almost surely scales as $\log n$. Similar result is known for Euclidean TSP and nearest neighbor tour. We further derive the limiting behavior of the total length of the nearest neighbor tour for more general distribution function $F$ and show that its asymptotic properties are determined by the scaling properties of the density of $F$ at $0$.

isid/ms/2013/02 [fulltext]

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