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On $E(s^2)$-optimal supersaturated designs
Ashish Das, Aloke Dey, Ling-Yau Chan and Kashinath Chatterjee
A popular measure to assess supersaturated designs is the $E(s^2)$ crietrion. In this paper, improved lower bounds on $E(s^2)$ are obtained. Examples of $E(s^2)$-optimal designs attaining the improved bounds are presented. The equivalence of the bounds obtained by Butler {\it et al.} (2001) (in the cases where their result applies) and those obtained by Bulutoglu and Cheng (2004) is established. The concept of near $E(s^2)$-optimal design is introduced and some means for arriving at such designs are suggested. We also give two simple methods of constructing $E(s^2)$-optimal designs.

isid/ms/2006/02 [fulltext]

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