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I am a Professor of Economics at the Indian Statistical Institute (Delhi), Lead Academic of the International Growth Centre’s (IGC) India program and Research Fellow at the IZA (Bonn). I am currently on leave as Senior Visiting Fellow at the National University of Singapore (NUS), Department of Economics.

My research lies at the intersection of development and labor economics. It can be categorized into three broad themes: gender and social identity, human capital and governance.  My work contributes towards designing more effective transfer programs, understanding the role of information in improving health and learning outcomes, and assessing the impact of identity and networks on performance, productivity and labor market outcomes. 

I’ve lead multiple projects, supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, that analyse and suggest measures to loosen the constraints women face in engaging in remunerative economic activities. My research has also been supported by the IGC, DFID, CAGE, The Weiss Fund, UNU-WIDER, the Hewlett Foundation, the European Commission, the Planning Commission and Directorate of Education (India). 

I am associated with initiatives to build capacity towards economics research through the Society for Economics Research in India (SERI).