Policy Writing

The gendered effects of climate change: Evidence from droughts in rural India (with Kanika Mahajan and Nikita Sangwan)                                  VoxDev , 1 December 2023

Explainer: Nobel Prize winner Claudia Goldin                                                                                                                                                                                                3 Things Podcast, Indian Express, 24 October 2023

Unravelling the complexities of women’s workforce participation in India
Azim Premji Graduate Workshop Talks, 30 August 2023

Misogyny in the matrimonial market (with Abhishek Arora, Diva Dhar and Kanika Mahajan)
Op-ed, Indian Express, 1 April 2023

The promise of technology for women’s employment
Ideas for India, 19 January 2023, Reprinted in The Wire (View)

A breath of fresh air: Raising awareness for clean fuel adoption (with Sisir Debnath and E. Somanathan)
VoxDev, 9 September 2022

Multifaceted benefits make school meals cost-effective but more evidence is needed on long-term gain

Comment in the Centre for Global Development Report “Schooling for All: Feasible Strategies to Achieve Universal Education” eds. Justin Sandefur Centre for Global Development Blog, 21 April 2022

Can the COVID pandemic change citizens’ willingness to act against corruption? (with Ahana Basistha, Amrita Dhillon and Danila Serra)
The Wire, 5 December 2021

Editor, e-symposium on “Mental health and Covid-19”
Ideas for India20 September 2021

Gendering technological change: Evidence from agricultural mechanisation (with Monisankar Bishnu and Kanika Mahajan)

Ideas for India14 July 2021

How has Covid-19 crisis affected the urban poor? (with Amrita Dhillon and Sanchari Roy) (View)

Ideas for India – Part III2 July 2021, Reprinted in The Wire

Did MNREGA cushion job losses during the pandemic? (with Kanika Mahajan and Nikita Sangwan)
Ideas for India, 11 February 2021, Reprinted in The Wire

The elusive promise of work (with Amrita Dhillon and Arka Roy Chaudhuri)(View)
Op-ed, Indian Express, 7 October 2020

DUET: Weighing the costs and benefits (View)

Ideas for India, 21 September 2020

What does India need to do to clean up its air?

India in Transition, CASI at UPenn, 3 August 2020

Using social connections to solve coordination failure: Evidence from assembly lines in India (with Amrita Dhillon, Sherry Xin Li and Swati Sharma)

VoxDev, 16 July 2020

How has Covid-19 crisis affected the urban poor? (with Amrita Dhillon and Sanchari Roy)

Ideas for India – Part I, 11 March 2020 , Ideas for India – Part II23 April 2020, Reprinted in The Wire

Can relocating industries help women job seekers? (with Eesha Kunduri)

Op-ed, Hindustan Times, 17 September 2019

How LPG improves rural women’s health

Op-ed, Business Standard, 17 August 2019

The marriage penalty on women in India (with Kanika Mahajan)

MINT, 4 July 2018

Why female employment is falling? (with Taryn Dinkelman and Kanika Mahajan)

Op-ed, Business Standard, 5 March 2017

Social audit isn’t enough

Op-ed, Indian Express, 22 January 2014

We, the monitors

Op-ed, Indian Express, 30 July 2013