Economics and Planning Unit

Farzana Afridi
Ph.D., University of Michigan
Areas of interest: education, health, gender, experimental economics, political economy
Contact: +91-11-4149 3933 (Phone)
Webpage: Click here

Prabal Roy Chowdhury
Ph.D., Indian Statistical Institute
Areas of interest: microeconomic theory, development economics
Contact: prabalrc [at] (Email); +91-11-4149 3930 (Phone)
Webpage: Click here

Satya P. Das
Ph.D., Southern Methodist University
Areas of interest: international trade, macroeconomics
Contact: das [at] (Email); +91-11-4149 3936 (Phone)
Webpage: Click here

Chetan Ghate
Ph.D., Claremont Graduate School, California
Areas of interest: macroeconomic theory and policy, political economy, public finance and the economics of structural change
Contact: cghate [at] (Email); +91-11-4149-3938 (Phone)
Webpage: Click here

Debasis Mishra
Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, Madison
Areas of interest: auctions, game theory, mechanism design
Contact: dmishra [at] (Email); +91-11-4149-3948 (Phone)
Webpage: Click here

Abhiroop Mukhopadhyay
Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University
Areas of interest: microeconometrics, international trade, development economics
Contact: abhiroop [at] (Email); +91-11-4149 3925 (Phone)
Webpage: Click here

Bharat Ramaswami
Ph.D., University of Minnesota
Areas of interest: economics of risk and insurance, commodity markets, food policy and technology supply in agriculture
Contact: bharat [at] (Email); +91-11-4149 3947 (Phone)
Webpage: Click here

Tridip Ray
Ph.D., Cornell University
Areas of interest: economic development and growth, applied microeconomics, financial development
Contact: tridip [at] (Email); +91-11-4149-3941 (Phone)
Webpage: Click here

Arunava Sen, Head, Economics and Planning Unit
Ph.D., Princeton University
Areas of interest: social choice, game theory, mechanism design
Contact: asen [at] (Email); +91-11-4149-3945
Webpage: Click here

E. Somanathan
Ph.D., Harvard University
Areas of interest: environmental economics, development economics, microeconomic theory
Contact: som [at] (Email); +91-11-4149-3939 (Phone)
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Bhaskar Dutta (Visiting from Warwick University)
Ph.D., Delhi School of Economics
Areas of interest: network economics, social choice theory, cooperative games, mechanism design
Contact: B.Dutta [at] (Email); +91-11-4149 3929 (Phone)
Webpage: Click here

Renuka Sane
Ph.D., University of New South Wales
Areas of interest: Household finance; firm financing; pensions
Contact: renuka[at] (Email); +91-11-4149 3928 (Phone)
Webpage: Click here

Swaprava Nath
Ph.D., Department of Computer Science and Automation, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
Areas of interest: Game theoretic problems arising in social and economic networks.
Contact: swaprava[at] (Email); +91-11-4149 3950 (Phone)
Webpage: Click here

Arya Kumar Srustidhar Chand
Ph.D. Ca' Foscari University of Venice, Italy
Areas of interest: Economic Theory, Game Theory, Industrial Organization,Corporate Finance
Contact: +91-11-4149 3935 (Phone)
Webpage: Click here

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