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An Efficient and Fast Algorithm for Estimating the Parameters of Two-Dimensional Sinusoidal Signals
Swagata Nandi, Anurag Prasad and Debasis Kundu
In this paper we propose a computationally efficient algorithm to estimate the parameters of a 2-D sinusoidal model in presence of stationary noise. The estimators obtained by the proposed algorithm are consistent and asymptotically equivalent to the least squares estimators. Monte Carlo simulations are performed for different sample sizes and it is observed that the performances of the proposed method are quite satisfactory and they are equivalent to the least squares estimators. The main advantage of the proposed method is that the estimators can be obtained using only finite number of iterations. In fact it is shown that starting from the average of periodogram estimators, the proposed algorithm converges in three steps only. One synthesized texture data and one original texture data have been analyzed using the proposed algorithm for illustrative purpose.

isid/ms/2008/10 [fulltext]

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