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Hack's law in a drainage network model: a Brownian web approach
Rahul Roy, Kumarjit Saha and Anish Sarkar
Hack (1957), while studying the drainage system in the Shenandoah valley and the adjacent mountains of Virginia, observed a power law relation $l \sim a^{0.6}$ between the length $l$ of a stream from its source to a divide and the area $a$ of the basin that collects the precipitation contributing to the stream as tributaries. We study the tributary structure of Howard's drainage network model of headward growth and branching studied by Gangopadhyay $et \;al$. We show that the exponent of Hack's law is $2/3$ for Howard's model. Our study is based on a scaling of the process whereby the limit of the watershed area of a stream is area of a Brownian excursion process. To obtain this we define a dual of the model and show that under diffusive scaling, both the original network and its dual converge jointly to the standard Brownian web and its dual.

isid/ms/2015/08 [fulltext]

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