Research Interests

I am an applied macroeconomist with a research focus on economic fluctuations and growth. I have a long standing interest in endogenous growth theory. I am also interested in Indian macroeconomic problems. I am currently working on a monetary business cycle model for India, a model of employment targeting, and in the broad area of optimal fiscal policy in small open emerging market economies. I am currently a Professor at the Indian Statistical Institute - Delhi Centre - where I have been teaching since 2003.

Publications and Working Papers
Monetary and Fiscal Policy in Developing and Emerging Market Economies
  • Employment Targeting. With Debojyoti Mazumder (IIM Indore). Work in Progress
  • Fiscal Austerity in Emerging Market Economies. With Chetan Dave (NYU - Abu Dhabi), Pawan Gopalakrishnan (Reserve Bank of India), and Suchismita Tarafdar (Shiv Nadar University). Work in Progress.
  • [September 2017] A Monetary Business Cycle Model for India. With Parantap Basu (Durham), Pawan Gopalakrishnan (Reserve Bank of India), Seshadri Banerjee (MIDS Chennai), and Sargam Gupta (ISI Delhi). Mimeo, Indian Statistical Institute - Delhi.
  • [Terms of Trade Shocks and Monetary Policy in India.] With Debdulal Mallick (Deakin University) and Sargam Gupta (ISI Delhi). Computational Economics, Vol. 51, Issue 1, January 2018, pages 75-121.
  • Monetary Policy in India: A Modern Macroeconomic Perspective. (Eds.) Chetan Ghate and Ken Kletzer (UCSC). Springer Verlag: India. December 2016.
  • [Fiscal Policy in an Emerging Market Business Cycle Model.] With Pawan Gopalakrishnan (ISI Delhi) and Suchismita Tarafdar (Shiv Nadar University). Journal of Economic Asymmetries. Vol. 16, November 2016, pages 52-77.
  • Global Cooperation Among G20 Countries: Responding to the Crisis and Restoring Growth, (Eds.) Mike Callaghan (Lowy Institute), Chetan Ghate, Stephen Pickford (Chatham House), and Francis Rathinam (DFID). Springer Verlag: India. January 2014.
The Indian Macroeconomy Endogenous Growth Theory Chapters in Edited Volumes and Contributions to Technical Reports Book Reviews and Shorter Pieces
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