Academic Affairs

Current Semester Schedule

4th Semester Schedule for MSQE-2nd Year (Batch: 2019-2021)

Classes start :  8th February, 2021 ( Monday)
Midterm week:  NO Mid Term
Classes End : 21st May, 2021
Final Exams : 24th May, 2021
Backpaper exam week: 21st June, 2021

2nd Semester Schedule for  MStat-1st Year (Batch: 2020-2022)

Start of Classes:  30th March, 2021
Mid-Term Week: 17th May, 2021 to 21st May, 2021
End of Classes:  9th July, 2021
Final Exams:   16th July, 2021 to 28th July, 2021
Back paper exam:  23rd August, 2021 to 27th August, 2021

2nd Semester Schedule for MSQE-1st Year (Batch: 2020-2022) 

Start of Classes:  12th April, 2021 (Monday)
Mid-Term Week: 31st May, 2021 (Monday) to 4th June, 2021 (Friday)
End of Classes:  23rd July, 2021 (Friday)
Final Exams:   26th July, 2021 (Monday) to 6th August, 2021 (Friday)