Academic Affairs

Academic Program

The Indian Statistical Institute, Delhi offers the Masters and Doctoral Programs through the following two units:

      1. Masters Program: A two-year program in Master of Science in Quantitative Economics (M.S.Q.E.). A detailed description of the M.S.Q.E. program can be found in the brochure.
      2. Ph. D. Program : Economic and Planning Unit is  Ranked among top economics departments in India (futher rankings are available here and here on Page 12).  The department provides a highly stimulating environment for research in economic theory, macroeconomics, and applied economics.
      1. Masters Program: A two-year program in  Master of Statistics (M.Stat).  A detailed description of the M. Stat. program can be found in the brochure.  Delhi currently offers the first year of M.Stat NB-stream course, and certain specializations in the second year, depending on interest and availability of resources.
      2. Ph. D. Program : A a full-fledged doctoral program in Mathematics and Statistics. For details of the program, see here


More details are available in the prospectus provided to all applicants.