5th  Annual Conference on Economic Growth and Development
(Dedicated to the Memory of Professor Sanghamitra Das, 1958-2008)

December 16-18, 2009

Indian Statistical Institute, New Delhi 110016

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Parallel Sessions 3 (17 December, Thursday; 2.30 - 4.15 PM)

  • Session 3(a): Micro Credit (Conference Room) [Chair: Prabal Roy Chowdhury (ISI, Delhi)]

Jean-Marie Baland (University of Namur) and Rohini Somanathan (Delhi School of Economics): "The Distributional Implications of Group Lending".

Arup Daripa (Birkbeck College, London University): "Social Capital, Individual Incentives and Loan Repayment".

Camilla Andersson (Umea University, Sweden), Erik Holmgren (Umea University, Sweden), James MacGregor (International Institute for Environment and Development, London) and Jesper Stage (University of Gothenburg, Sweden): "Formal Microlending and Adverse (or Nonexistent) Selection: A Case Study of Shrimp Farmers in Bangladesh".

  • Session 3(b): Inequality (Seminar Room 1) [Chair: Shamika Ravi (Indian School of Business, Hyderabad)]

Erling Barth (Institute for Social Research, Oslo) and Karl O. Moene (University of Oslo): "The Equality Multiplier".

Takashi Kurosaki (Hitotsubashi University), Kyosuke Kurita (Waseda University) and Ethan Ligon (University of California): "Intertemporal Choice and Inequality in Low-Income Countries: Evidence from Thailand, Pakistan, and India".

Ashish Singh (Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research, Mumbai): "Inequality of Opportunity: Application to India".

  • Session 3(c): Empirical Issues I (Seminar Room 2) [Chair: J.V. Meenakshi (Delhi School of Economics)]

Isabelle Bonjean (University of Namur), Jean-Philippe Platteau (University of Namur) and Vincenzo Verardi (University of Namur): "Two-Sided Wealth Constraints and Innovation Adoption under a Grassroots Market-Based Extension System".

Deepti Goel (Institute for Financial Management and Research, Chennai): "Perceptions and Labor Market Outcomes of Immigrants in Australia after 9/11".

Samik Chowdhury (National Institute of Public Finance and Policy): "Health Shocks and the Urban Poor: A Case Study of Slums in Delhi".

  • Session 3(d): Economic Growth: Theory II (Class Room 13) [Chair: David De la Croix (IRES, Universite Catholique de Louvain)]

Aditya Goenka (National University of Singapore) and Lin Liu (University of Rochester): "Infectious Diseases and Endogenous Growth".

Debasis Bandyopadhyay (University of Auckland) and Xueli Tang (Deakin University): "Inequality May Retard Growth but Sometimes Progressive Redistribution Makes it Worse".

Debasis Mondal (National University of Singapore): "On the Growth Effects of North-South Trade: the Role of Institutional Quality".

  • Session 3(e): Topics in Microeconomics III (Class Room 14) [Chair: Sripad Motiram (Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research, Mumbai)]

Sudip Gupta (Indian School of Business, Hyderabad): "Value of an Endogenously Asymmetric Toehold: Estimation of a Dynamic Auction Game".

Kun Jiang (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology) and Susheng Wang (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology): "Staged Privatization: An Efficient Approach".

Andrea Pierce (Ryerson University, Toronto) and Debapriya Sen (Ryerson University, Toronto): "Outsourcing versus Technology Transfer: Hotelling Meets Stackelberg".

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